Professional planning, management and support for all the phases of your building project. The following is an extract from our service portfolio.


1. Consultancy

  • Customised creative design solutions for all types of domestic architecture
  • Submitting planning & building standards applications
  • Project administration & coordination
  • Evaluate potential development sites for new housing
  • Sustainable low energy design solutions
  • Interior remodelling of domestic spaces


2. Building planning

  • Construction of flats and houses
  • Redevelopment and change of use planning applications
  • Remedial work and restoration of historical buildings
  • Garden and landscape planning
  • Bespoke design for contemporary new houses


3. Building support

  • Advising clients on suitable contractors for their project
  • Obtaining tenders from local contractors, award, invoicing
  • Project Management


If you would like to discuss your particular project with us:

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